One of the questions that people have asked us is why would people want to pay $99.00 a year to Acres Freak to list their land or commercial property for trade, sale or lease when they can list on other sites for free.  It really has to do with that old saying, “You get what you pay for.”  For starters when something is “free” it’s the first stop for people to get ripped off and taken advantage of by criminals and their scams. 

Check out this headline for example…

Top 7 Craigslist Scams

Getting scammed on the internet is unfortunately becoming commonplace — and your ads on Craigslist are no exception. So, how do you avoid getting scammed on Craigslist?

The Street

By simply charging $99.00 a year, most criminals are too cheap to pay to run their scams when they can advertise and promote on other websites for free. When they’re having to pay to play, it’s an immediate stopping point since they are entering their credit card information through PayPal in order to sell on our website and they have to pay a fee to list their property for sale. This is far better for the buyer’s looking to purchase real estate from legitimate people, who are actually putting their listings on Acres Freak. The person gets to build a profile and link back to their website for an entire year and if their property sells they can list another property for sale or a product for sale related to the real estate industry.

Listing Fees

If you are someone who is already selling land on other websites than you know that those listing fees can add up pretty quickly. You can check out their listing fees and you will see that the cost of listing on many real estate websites for selling a piece of land can be expensive. If you’re in the business of selling property as a real estate agent for example and you want to trade or sell some land to an investor the costs for advertising can add up very fast.

There are no listing fees on Acres Freak, you can post as many parcels or commercial properties as you want as often as you want and not pay any per post listing fees. Keep listing your properties for sale on those other sites, but why not add Acres Freak as another way to get exposure for your listings? You can show your sellers that you’re representing that you are actively marketing their property on another online website and this gives you third-party validation. It’s only $99.00 for the year, so if you’re someone selling hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on those other sites you know that this is the best value anywhere to place a classified ad listing.

And if you don’t see a category that is working for your particular property, just let us know by sending us an email and we can add it for you.